Just Keep Moving

“Just keep moving”…three words said to me as I struggled in boot camp this morning.  When one does not keep the schedule of discipline, it hurts!  We begin to fall off a little.  What if life gets in the way and we let it?   What if during that time we could have done more to keep up even if it wasn’t exactly the same?  “Just keep moving”…words that inspire for more than just that moment.  Words that say…in all of life…we must stay the course!  That is what life is about. Steady progress.  One day at a time; one moment at a time.  Keeping your life moving in the right direction.  Of course, this doesn’t mean we won’t have setbacks.  I believe they are a guarantee!  But what if every day we did something to propel us toward what God has for us?  What if we ignored the fact that we aren’t where we want to be and focused instead on the progress we have made?  What if we decided that we don’t have to have everything now? That it truly is all a journey and not a destination. This is huge for me!  It is permission to take one day at a time and know that I am moving toward the life God intended for me.  What if we said, “Okay, so if I just manage to do this or that today I will have made progress?”  Movement begets movement.  Creativity begets creativity.  What if, rather than tell ourselves we can’t or don’t know how, we try our best?  What if there is something so great just around the corner if we will just keep moving?  What if we decided there is no room for excuses?  What if we tried for the 50th time and it finally all worked out?  What if we took every fear and replaced it with courage and hope?   What if we gave ourselves the grace to fail; the grace to try and see what happens?  What if when our time is over we have no regrets because of what we didn’t try?  Life stops for no one.  There is no pause button. Young or old, if we are still here, we still have purpose.  We must keep taking steps daily to make progress.  We don’t stop aging.  When I get stuck, and I do often, I try to imagine myself in the future.  I imagine myself with all the excuses and I see what that looks like…pain and regret.  I then imagine myself having taken steps to progress and move forward.  I see what that looks like…victory and beauty.  It’s not perfect and it never will be.  That’s okay.  Nothing and no one is perfect.  So, as God propels us forward in this life we must continue to ask ourselves…”What if…we just keep moving?!”


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