Finding The Artist In Me

Give me some paper.  Give me a pencil.  Give me a creative thought to explore and record.  Fill me with Jesus to the brim!  Give me a whirlwind of love and imagination to help me soar through my mind noticing all the details of life.  Help me gather the weeds and place them creatively so that they become something good.  Show me how to connect the vines and brush away the moss and make a place for love and hope.  Give me a thought that turns into another thought that turns into another thought that makes me gather up all these thoughts and place them in beauty and happiness for all the world to see and partake.  Give me wisdom and eyes that see and hands that can record what they see.  Give me visions and fill me with the Holy Spirit so that my hands can do the work of the Lord.  Bathe me in your light and show me the light through my camera lens.  Where I will compose the beauty that is yours and yours alone.  Sharing with the world your message and what you have to say through me.  Filter all the bad and pull it out of me and take it far away and never to return.  Paint the world with brushes of compassion and colors of joy and peace.  Erase only the moments that are no longer needed for my journey, but leave even the heartbreaking ones that will move my soul to greater depths.  Find in me a heart that yearns to serve you with my passions. The very passions you created within me that will always stay strong and never leave.  The music in my soul that cries out to you day and night.  The heaviness of a heart that has been shredded, yet still beats strong in the shadow of your love.  A heartbeat that can be heard, filling my ears with the evidence that I am still here to do your will.  That I am still breathing and aspiring to be your servant.  A book that inspires as I read and a book that I write that inspires as the world reads.  A hearty laugh that holds the attention of many, not for my sake but for the joy and release of pain and suffering that it brings because of who you are.  A holiness that shines from the inside where you live and where you hold me all together at a moment’s notice and always.  Believing that your Word is true and all that you want is to bless me and have a relationship with me every day.  Only love can abound such a wonderful life filled with creativity and awareness of time and my maker.  Show me my uniqueness so that I will change the way others live for the better.  The things only I can touch that will change because of the way you made me.  The gift you give is greater than any gift we could imagine.  I breathe.  I cry.  I laugh.  I sigh.  I dance.  I sing.  I am grateful.


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