Saying “Yes”

Lately I have been saying “yes!”  I actually just realized this.  It really wasn’t intentional, although I have read “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes.  Maybe it was just a planted seed.  Great book by the way!  So, I am thinking about photo shoots I have had recently.  Way more than I had this time last year.  Now, not all are paid shoots, but at least I am shooting.  I think, as creatives, we get ourselves in trouble when we think we have mastered something and then we don’t practice our craft.  We don’t explore and see what else is out there.  Maybe we think “well, I should be getting paid for that so I am not going to do it.”  And, sometimes, that is true.  I am certainly not saying we should work for free.  What I am saying is that we should take every opportunity to make ourselves more knowledgeable and therefore more sought after.  Working on personal projects is not a good way to make money up front, but in the end it will all add up to money if we stay the course.  We must say “yes” to some things that aren’t the “highlight” of our career.  Every job/career has aspects that are not what we want to do, but what we must do.  It is just part of the job.  So, recently, I have said “yes” to changing the way I do things.  “Yes” to doing contract work for someone else.  “Yes” to being willing to just bless someone with the gifts I have been given.  They aren’t mine anyway and they are not for me.  They are only there for me to use to bless someone else.  And…I get to do what I love and bless others.  It is a win-win!  So, I am saying “yes” in 2017.  I am saying “yes” to opportunity, even if it isn’t perfect.  Especially if it isn’t perfect.  Perfection will never come in this earthly life, so I don’t wish to pursue it anymore.  I wish to pursue being the very best that I can be.  I wish to pursue happiness and joy and blessing others.  I choose to give my all in every situation and at the end of the day to be proud of what I have accomplished.  Trying for perfection has never done anything for me except hold me back, crowd me with fear and overwhelm me.  So, when opportunity arises and I see room for growth and blessing, chances are I am going to say “yes!”   I truly believe that we must step out on faith before we will see any of our dreams to fruition.  I believe that we must believe that we can have the favor and the blessings that God has in store for us.  He only asks that we be willing.  He has never asked for us to be perfect.  He knows that is not possible.  He will take the weak and He will make them strong, because of His might and power.  Not because of ours.  So, I ask you to join me!  What will you say “yes” to this year?!  Blessings!


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