Learning Is A Life Long Privilege

I have always loved to learn.  In school, I was the kid that was excited about homework.  Not always, of course, but most of the time.  I loved to write and learn and read.  When it was time to read a book, oh how that was my favorite!  It really still is.  Just the mention of the word “book” and something inside me jumps to attention.  I am so blessed and so grateful that I can read.  I know there are many out there that cannot and my heart aches for them as I know what they are missing.  Not only are they missing reading about something interesting or fun or exciting, but they are always missing a way of learning.  As I stay along the path of photography that I am on, I find that there is never a moment when I am not learning something.  I know this may sound crazy, but there was a time when I thought that since photography is my passion that it should come easy to me.  That once I learned the basics, I would be set.  Now don’t get me wrong, this was not out of laziness.  And it was certainly not out of a desire to not learn.  That has never really been a thought for me.  It just seemed that something that I am so passionate about should come more natural.  I am finding, that is not the case. I have some natural tendencies; like capturing moments and the personality of my clients.  I am told that I am able to “capture who they really are.”  This, to me, is the highest compliment.  I know it is God in me that makes this happen.  I know I could never do this on my own.  But, that being said, I have to be a willing spirit.  I must do my part.  The further I move into my photography career the more I desire to learn.  I see work that I would love to emulate.   For a while I was striving to become these other artists.  I wanted to shoot just like “so and so.”  I would compare myself and always fall short.  Which, unfortunately, would cause some momentary depression and lack of motivation.  Why continue?  I will never be that good?  If only I could do this or that, I too would make it to the top.  Now I know that is not the path for me.  We all can learn from others no matter what the career path is, but there is a huge difference in comparison and inspiration.  Comparison will only end in destroying the dream God has given us.  We will never measure up to someone else.  We are not supposed to.  We are uniquely gifted.  We are the only ones that hold the unique gifting that God has given us alone.  It may be similar to others, but will never truly hold the same place.  Inspiration, on the other hand, will lead us toward our dreams.  It will give us motivation and insight where maybe it was lacking.  Learning is a life long privilege.  It will lead us to paths we never knew existed.  No matter how young or how old we may be, we can always learn something everyday.  When we cease to learn, we cease to grow.  When we cease to grow, we can’t possibly give to others that which we were intended to give.  Learning…I am in it for life!


2 thoughts on “Learning Is A Life Long Privilege

  1. I enjoyed reading this post; it has some depth to it. I have also been fascinated by the written word since childhood and that is why I am telling my stories. Learning is indeed a lifetime job more so now that information is freely available. All we have to do is to keep learning, unlearning and relearning. As for your passion of photography, just immerse yourself into it and try to improve it when you can. As long as the passion is there, you will do what is in your power to do it to the best of your ability. All the best.

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